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about GEM services

Yoga with SJ:


Explore active self-care and relaxation through mindful movement and breathing workshops. Yoga sessions help integrate the mind-body-spirit experience and are aimed to support individuals comfort with their bodies while creating tools for healthy stress response. Individuals will explore the range of energy and expressions their bodies can make through present moment awareness. Classes incorporate GEM mantras, healing stones, essential oils, guided meditation, and visualization activities. Custom lo-fi hop hop beats are often incorporated throughout.


“Trauma-Informed” yoga means that SJ is mindful that everyone in the workshop comes in with different lived experiences and different levels of abilities and willingness to move their bodies. Stay for as long as you'd like, and only do what you can and feels right!


Workshops integrate the Yogis in Service “12 Principles of Growth”, supporting dynamic self-exploration, and strives for inclusive and accommodating yoga practices to support your well-being! Scheduling Form

GEM Workshops & Guest Speakership:


Focus on interactive, discussion-based information to build tools for self-care and resilience to life’s challenges. Topics can range from community engagement strategies, black youth empowerment building, wellness and hydration, implicit bias and the neurobiology of toxic stress, and black feminism to afro-futurism. At the your time of scheduling, please share your interests in GEM workshop topics. Scheduling Form

GEM Steams: "Steam on Scene"

Indulge and reset your sacral alignment through a refreshing yoni steam. Steam services are brought to your location and can be scheduled as private sessions or in groups, such as Goddess Healing Circles or workplace self-care. GEM Steams can complement a Divine Feminine -themed Yoga Practice, as well as are appropriate for people of all identities, including males and couples. Scheduling Form | Intake Form 

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