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Black Sugar Scrub

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Dabble Black Sugar with your Thai black palm wood spoon ∙ Massage hands in mindful circular motions, Rinse with warm water ∙ Infused with coconut moisture & essential oil blend for pH balance and calming, soothing skin care.

∙ Exfoliate one to three times a week ∙

Ingredients: brown sugar mix, Shea butter, activated charcoal, vitamin E, essential oils blend, chia seeds | 2 oz, sustainable tin can | Topical use only

Purchase of two or more shipped GEM products will include a black tourmaline crystal, believed to offer spiritual protection, and can be held as a mindfulness tool, worn or carried, or placed around your environment.

Reduce • Reuse • Recycle | identical labeling, updated to black as of 2020

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