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Carry this classic metallic gold mandala tote bag as you travel through the galaxy!

GEM Tote Features:
  • Waterproof material [Polypropylene and cotton]
  • Dual 20" long handles
  • Interior key loop with carabiner
  • 18.5" L x 19.5" W x 15" H
Durable Maintenance: machine launder on delicate or spot clean
Multipurpose Uses: groceries, shopping, work tote, weekend bag, school supplies tote, book bag, laptop carrier, wine & spirits tote, gym bag, beach bag, outdoors refreshments tote, day bag, night bag...

Purchase of two or more shipped GEM products will include a black tourmaline crystal, believed to offer spiritual protection, and can be held as a mindfulness tool, worn or carried, or placed around your environment.

Give the Gift of Golden | Light & Enlightened Travel
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