Yoga with SJ・Individual Pass

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This option covers a gratitude gift for drop-in classes online!

Virtual Class Details: 

Restorative Yoga, 30 min or 60 min

Beginner level, Trauma-Informed GEM Yoga!


1) Your $4 payment is for one individual class participant purchase within a public group setting.
2) Find a comfortable place to practice (e.g. yoga mat, carpet, bed, chair, couch, on a non-slip blanket, standing)
3) Access the Zoom Link at class time! (please be mindful of time zones)
4) Ideally your practice location should be in a place of non-interruption
5) Optional: blankets, bolsters/pillows, weighted bags, yoga blocks, yoga straps. Aura setting: lighting, scents, music: YouTube: “yoga instrumentals”.
6) Drink water often!


Yoni Yoga for $4 will include a 30 minute yoga session and a 10-30 minute yoni steam ($30) based on your individually assessed needs.

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