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what is

galactic energy mining?

I believe in the distinct identities of the seven billion plus people on the planet

I have faith in the sun, the stars, the moon, and the earth aligned geometrically

And, the power within melanin, as a synthesizer of sunlight, such as to be composed heavenly

I believe historical trauma is remembered in the DNA, bodies and spirits of descendants,

And, there is a deep, astronomical energy within us

I believe in science and fiction: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

So, I believe in black resilience, creative thriving, and trauma-informed tool kits


gem for short ∙ since we’re brilliantly mining it.

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Galactic Energy Mining (GEM) delivers customized self-care, identity expression, and yoga workshops for communities under undue stress.


My hometown of Buffalo, NY is top-ranking when it comes to city-level poverty and racialized housing segregation.


Toxic stress is the over-presence of the cortisol stress hormone in an individual’s brain. Often times, individuals living under restricted finances, with limited access to healthy nutrition/hydration and exposure to violence, experience unhealthy levels of stress. Toxic stress exists in part as a result to the very real reality of normalized environments of implicit bias.  The behavior of implicit bias, or unintended unawareness by privileged groups of their privilege, manifests on a grand scale in neglected built environments, internalized racist messages in media, lack of healthy role modelship and adequate support in school environments, and social fragmentation between people of color.


All of these things together mount to people from my community expressing less motivation to self-care and love and accept themselves as they are: beautiful and black.


Youth and young adults of color, older adults, single-parents, and social justice-invested professionals, who spend their time caring for others, are most likely to experience unchecked stress levels.


Through "Yoga with SJ” (mindful movement + breathing), and interactive, discussion-based information “GEM Workshops”, SJ hopes to support stress relief skills and resilience building for individual empowerment and greater community cohesion. SJ now offers "GEM Steams",  an ancient practice of yoni steaming, complementary with yoga practice as interested!

The "Black GEM Shop" is a marketplace geared towards people of color to find self-care items that reinforce their positive identity with their blackness. New products added regularly as innovation expands to meet community needs.


The Shop features black sugar scrub, essential oil yoga mat sprays, and the GEM Yoga Mat Carrying Strap in Afro-Textile designs and GEM Totes to support a plastic-free environment!


The Galaxy is Black

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